Real Estate, Environmental, and Land Use

SSEG provides legal service for all phases of residential and commercial real estate sale/acquisition, zoning, land use, development, 1031 Exchanges and leasing. The lawyers of our Real Estate Law, Environmental Law, and Land Use Practice Group have experience with industrial, commercial and residential projects.

Industrial Real Estate

Transactions involving industrial property can be complex and require experience in financing, environmental law issues, title, survey, zoning, and site matters, as well as real estate law. The real estate law attorneys of SSEG work with clients in presentations to Municipal Planning Commissions, coordination of financing opportunities, and negotiation of the acquisition or development of industrial projects. Industrial property often comes with environmental conditions that must be evaluated and addressed as part of the transaction process. We stand by our clients throughout this sometimes difficult process, assisting the client in evaluating and minimizing risk, including negotiations with regulatory agencies when necessary. In the acquisition of existing businesses, we work closely with our Corporate Law section to ensure continuity between the real estate transaction and any related corporate or securities transaction.

Commercial Real Estate

SSEG lawyers also have experience in working with commercial real estate, including land use, zoning, annexations, lot splits, consolidations, tax abatement, site development and construction, Mechanic’s Lien law issues, and the negotiation and authorship of documents for the acquisition, sale or leasing of commercial buildings, including warehouses, office buildings, multi-family units, residential subdivisions, condominium, medical office buildings, shopping centers and out-parcels as well as environmental law issues.  Our legal team also has vast experience in non-conforming use and variance matters, title defects and title matters, oil and gas leases, liens and encumbrances, encroachments, mall leasing, lot splits and consolidations, 1031 exchanges, improvements to real estate, land use and ownership disputes, tenant-in-common arrangements, land installment contracts, and commercial leasing from both the lessor and lessee perspective. The leasing of commercial space requires attention to a myriad of issues, including exclusivity, non-competition, site vacancy, maintenance, repair and replacement responsibilities, common area maintenance, insurance, tenant improvement allowance issues, and specialized termination provisions. Our experience includes leasing for a large national retailer “anchor tenants,” restaurants, franchises, and specialized leasing for retail space in malls and historic properties.

Residential Real Estate

The purchase or building of a home is a big investment for an individual and may involve life changing choices. The individual selling, purchasing or building a home deserves and receives the same care and attention of large commercial or industrial real estate transactions. SSEG attorneys stay abreast of the different financing opportunities, both public and private, that are available in Ohio, including specialized grants and tax incentives that are available for job creation, historical preservation and environmental improvements.

The real estate lawyers at SSEG would like the opportunity to discuss your legal matters concerning any facet of real estate law, environmental law, and land use. Please call our office at (216) 566-8200 or use our online contact form to setup a telephone or in person meeting.

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