Construction Law, Engineering Law and Lien Law

SSEG’s Construction Law, Engineering Law and Lien Law lawyers are well-versed in Ohio’s Mechanic’s Lien Law (in both the residential and commercial contexts), and have experience in large-scale construction projects for municipalities, private developers and institutional clients.  Our attorneys routinely addresses land use, zoning, title, and site development matters, negotiation of design and construction-related agreements, negotiations involving mid-construction dispute resolution, and financing arrangements for such projects.

SSEG provides legal services to the construction industry from the pre-planning and negotiation stage, through construction to the final project completion, including, when necessary, arbitration and litigation. We provide services to owners and developers, subcontractors, municipalities, design professionals, surveyors, contractors and suppliers in the residential and commercial space.  We coordinate with the Firm’s Real Estate Practice Group for review in connection with environmental regulations and concerns in each phase of development and construction projects where appropriate.


While intensive pre-planning may decrease the possibility of litigation, experience counsels that disputes often arise.  SSEG has a litigation team to facilitate resolution through alternate pre-litigation methods including negotiations, arbitration, mediation and mini-trials.

SSEG construction law attorneys also are highly qualified to seek and achieve proper judicial resolutions in any state or federal court jurisdiction within the United States.  SSEG maintains an association with other construction-oriented lawyers throughout the country and has access to experts concerning every phase of the construction industry.

The lawyers of SSEG have had extensive and successful experience appearing before a vast array of Governmental and administrative agencies for the purpose of general contract clarification and the opposing or enforcing of bidding procedures, of contract awards, and specifications and related matters.

Our experience includes trying and/or negotiating numerous Miller act suits involving government projects throughout the United States, representing institutional owners in defending claims by contractors for additional compensation and representing owners in claims against contractors and design professionals for defective work.

SSEG also has defended architects and engineers against claims for defective design resulting in damages to persons or property, bid protests against government agencies, represented specialty subcontractors in delay or extra compensation claims against general contractors and owners, mechanic’s lien and foreclosure litigation, claims by contractors against the State of Ohio or United States of America and drafted numerous construction contracts for owners, architects, engineers, contractors and subcontractors.

To setup a consultation so you can find out more about how SSEG can assist you with any needs you have in the area of Construction Law, Engineering Law and Lien Law, please call our office at (216) 566-8200 or contact us via this convenient online form.

SSEG attorneys provide services in these areas:

Non-Litigation Services:

  • Contract Negotiation
  • Contract Preparation
  • Warranty Agreements
  • Performance Guarantees
  • Financial Bonds
  • Governmental Regulation Claims
  • Liens
  • Releases
  • Legal Opinions
  • Joint Ventures
  • Business Acquisition
  • Corporate Restructuring & Planning
  • Ownership Succession

Litigation Services:

  • Investigation & Research
  • Bid Protests
  • Insurance Issues
  • Injunctions
  • Declaratory Judgments
  • Prosecuting/Defending Contract
  • Expert Selection & Opinions
  • Trials
  • Appeals
  • Settlement Agreements & Release
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
Practice Group Members: