Banking Law and Debtor/Creditor Law

SSEG maintains experienced banking law counsel to provide drafting, negotiation and enforcement of credit facility and debt instruments and related securitization.  Our banking law and debtor/creditor law attorneys are routinely involved in the drafting and interpretation of routine and complex loan provisions, including negative covenants, cash flow management, and debtor-focused financial and operational compliance metrics. SSEG lawyers provide experience to both the lender community and clients in the authorship, negotiation, and interpretation of financing documents documents, including transactions involving seller-financed transactions and mezzanine financing, personal and corporate guaranties, subordination matters, loan participation matters, and crafting of requisite corporate and limited liability documents to comply with lender requirements to permit funding. The SSEG banking law team also has vast experience in peer-to-peer lending and non-traditional lending arrangements borne of the national credit-related challenges of the recent past.

SSEG banking law attorneys maintain proficiency and expertise in many transactions and areas, including the debtor/credit space; assisting lenders and clients with negotiations; authorship and interpretation of documents for loan workouts; loan modifications; refinance; and all other complexities visited up clients that experience challenges in their lending relationships or those involving taxing authorities.

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SSEG attorneys provide services in these areas:
  • the debtor/credit space,
  • assisting with negotiations
  • document authorship and interpretation
  • forbearance matters
  • loan modifications
  • refinance
Practice Group Members: