Franchise Law

SSEG represents both franchisers and franchisees with a view toward making their business ventures both profitable and personally rewarding.  Whether buying a franchise, or operating a franchise system, SSEG franchise law attorneys have experience in assisting business owners with not only their general business and transactional legal needs, but also the very particular issues that arise in the franchise industry.

If you are considering buying a franchise, SSEG will carefully review your franchise agreement and disclosure document, and discuss both the positive and negative aspects of the opportunity.  SSEG lawyers will propose, draft and negotiate changes to the franchise agreement to better protect your interests, and help you understand what it means to operate a franchised business.  Our attorneys have experience advising franchisees through all stages of the franchise relationship, including due diligence, signing the franchise agreement, obtaining financing, creating the business entity and providing general business advice, as well as ending the franchise relationship (whether through a sale, the expiration of the agreement or dispute resolution).

If you are thinking of expanding your business footprint by becoming a franchiser, SSEG will help you navigate the business and franchise law hurdles so that you do it right the first time.  There are many different franchising (and non-franchising) arrangements to consider, and we can help you choose the right structure to help launch your franchising concept.  SSEG will also protect your trademarks, prepare your legal contracts, help you create your disclosure document and guide you through often complex franchise law and its various federal and state regulatory requirements.

For existing franchise systems, SSEG has the experience to improve the administration of your system, reduce your legal risks and resolve difficult business disagreements.

In the unfortunate event that you encounter a legal dispute that cannot be resolved through discussion and negotiation, SSEG’s team of litigators has decades of experience in handling franchise law and related matters, both in arbitration and in state and federal courts.

If you are considering purchasing a franchise, currently own a franchise or are thinking about franchising your current business, the franchise law attorneys at SSEG can help. Call us for a no obligation, no cost consultation at (216) 566-8200 or send us a message via our online contact form.

SSEG attorneys provide services in these areas:
  • Franchise Acquisition
    • Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement Review and Negotiation
    • Due Diligence
    • Financing
    • General Business Advice
  • Starting a Franchising Company
    • Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement Preparation
    • Trademark Research and Registration
    • State Law Compliance, Registrations and Exemptions
    • Compliance with Federal Trade Commission Rule
    • Practical “How-to” Advice
  • Dispute Resolution
    • Negotiation and Mediation
    • Arbitration
    • Litigation in Court
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