Criminal Defense

The criminal defense lawyers of SSEG understand that criminal accusations impact clients well beyond the courtroom. They are well aware that criminal charges can cause clients to lose their jobs, their health insurance, and in some cases, even their families.

SSEG criminal defense attorneys are experienced at representing people who have a lot to lose when they have been accused of a crime. Our attorneys put themselves in their clients’ shoes so that they fully comprehend the extent of their clients’ concerns. They aren’t just in the business of trying to win cases: they are in the business of protecting their clients’ reputation, their rights, and their livelihood.

SSEG regularly handles complex criminal matters, both felony and misdemeanor, including white collar crimes, federal criminal offenses, Internet/cyber crimes, DUI/OVI issues, drug offenses, sex related offenses and more.

SSEG lawyers are also experienced at handling post-conviction matters, including appeals from convictions, motions to seal criminal records, and petitions for post-conviction relief.

Contact us today at (216) 566-8200 or click here to contact us online, to learn how one of our experienced criminal defense lawyers can help you put your life back together after being accused of a crime. Don’t wait – there is too much at stake.

SSEG attorneys provide services in these areas:
  • White collar offenses
  • Federal criminal offenses
  • Internet/cyber offenses
  • DUI/OVI offenses
  • Drug offenses
  • Sex offenses
  • Other Felony and Misdemeanor Offenses
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