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Real Estate

Seeley, Savidge, Ebert & Gourash Co., LPA   |   26600 Detroit Road, Suite 300   |   Westlake, Ohio  44145


TEL:  (216) 566-8200   |   FAX:  (216) 566-0213

Our Real Estate Law Section provides legal service for all phases of real estate sale/acquisition, development and leasing. We have experience with industrial, commercial and residential projects.




Transactions involving industrial property can be complex and require experience in financing and environmental matters, as well as real estate law. We bring together the skills necessary to bring the whole deal together seamlessly. We work with clients in presentations to Municipal Planning Commissions, coordination of financing opportunities, and negotiation of the acquisition or development of industrial projects. Industrial property often comes with environmental conditions that must be evaluated and addressed as part of the transaction process. We stand by the client throughout this sometimes difficult process, assisting the client in evaluating and minimizing risk, including negotiations with regulatory agencies when necessary. In the acquisition of existing businesses, we work closely with our Corporate Law section to ensure continuity between the real estate transaction and the corporate or securities transaction.




SSE&G also has experience in working with commercial real estate, including shopping center leasing. The leasing of commercial space requires attention to a myriad of issues, including exclusivity, non-competition and specialized termination provisions. Over time the relative bargaining power of landlord and tenant shifts, and our Real Estate group stays abreast of economic fluctuations to bring our clients the best opportunities. Our experience includes leasing for a large national retailer “anchor tenant,” restaurants, and specialized leasing for retail space in historic properties.




The purchase or building of a home is a big investment for an individual and may involve life changing choices. The individual selling, purchasing or building a home deserves and receives the same care and attention of large commercial or industrial transactions. We assist clients in negotiating and drafting contracts and help them understand every step in the process. When building a home, it is especially important to have an attorney involved from the beginning because the contractual terms can be quite complex.




We stay abreast of the different financing opportunities, both public and private, that are available in Ohio, including specialized grants and tax incentives that are available for job creation, historical preservation and environmental improvements.

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