Partner Gary Ebert honored by Bay Village!

SSEG founding partner, Gary Ebert, was officially honored by Bay Village on June 24th at Cahoon Park. The city erected a plaque at the park and renamed Dover Baseball Diamond #1 officially to Ebert Field.

The gesture recognized Gary for his long tenure of service that he and his family have made to Bay Village and the community. He was instrumental with his contributions and commitment to the youth baseball program and city recreational programs, in addition to the tireless work he has always done on behalf of Bay Village.

Gary was a Ward 4 councilman, the law director for many years working with 6 different mayors, and was even the acting mayor two different times. He has helped plan events for the city, organized fund raisers for various events, and he continues to be a tireless volunteer.

To quote Dwight Clark, City Council President: “Quite simply, he was, has been and continues to be a voice fully supportive of Bay Village”.
Congratulations Gary!

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